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Domestic Air Conditioning Installation 

Our f-gas certified electricians are able to complete the whole process of Domestic Air conditioning Installation. (This includes the electrical connections to property) 

Air Conditioning units and systems are of course a great way to cool your home in the summer months, but it is also possible to heat your homes during winter with these systems. 
For example - for every KW of electricity used - 3 KW's of cooling/heating is produced. Thus making it an extremely efficient energy, and a great way to cool or heat your home. 

With hotter summer's every year - Air Conditioning in the UK is becoming a much needed addition to your home. 

We can help you on a small scale install , adding a unit to give you a cool space (one room) for you to use as a space away from the summer heat.
Alternatively we can create a fully integrated cooling / heating system for your home. This can all be powered by solar for a very efficient way of heating your home. See our Solar Installations page for more information. 

Please Contact us here to get more information and your free Quote. 

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