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Domestic Air Conditioning Installation 

Our f-gas certified electricians are able to complete the whole process of Domestic Air conditioning Installation. (This includes the electrical connections to property) Air Conditioning units and systems are of course a great way to cool your home in the summer months, but it is also possible to heat your homes during winter with these systems. For example - for every KW of electricity used - 3 KW's of cooling/heating is produced. Thus making it an extremely efficient energy, and a great way to cool or heat your home. With hotter summer's every year - Air Conditioning in the UK is becoming a much needed addition to your home. We can help you on a small scale install , adding a unit to give you a cool space (one room) for you to use as a space away from the summer heat. Alternatively we can create a fully integrated cooling / heating system for your home. This can all be powered by solar for a very efficient way of heating your home. See our Solar Installations page for more information. Please Contact us here to get more information and your free Quote. 

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MVHR installation and commissioning 

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), heat recovery ventilation (HRV) or Comfort ventilation are all names for the same thing. A heat recovery ventilation system properly fitted into a house provides a constant supply of fresh filtered air, maintaining the air quality whilst being practically imperceptible.

We are certified installers of MVHR systems, we can also provide maintenance, servicing and commissioning for existing installations. 

If you're unsure whether Air conditioning or an MVHR system would be the best option for your property, we are happy to meet with you for a informative and free quote meeting where we can assess your best options. Sometimes having both is a great option too. 

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